W–H Commercial


W–H Commercial Pty Ltd is an associated company of Waye–Harris Lawyers which provides a range of commercial services:


  • Development of internal policies, processes and procedures to ensure you implement appropriate governance and don’t take on unnecessary risks
  • Training to ensure your staff are aware of key contractual risks and understand how your policies protect against those risks
  • Record keeping and minute taking for boards and committees


  • Preparation of procurement plans
  • Preparation and collation of tender documentation
  • Implementation of procurement processes and engagement with suppliers
  • Management of the tender evaluation process
  • Support with supplier negotiations

  • Review of bid documentation and preparation of bid plans
  • Allocation of sections of the bid to the appropriate subject matter experts
  • Assistance with preparation of the bid response
  • Assistance with managing internal governance reviews
  • Reviews and proof reading of bid submissions

Bid Management

 Commercial Projects

  • Development of project plans and reporting frameworks for commercial projects
  • Development of risk registers including controls and mitigations
  • Coordination and management of resources and stakeholders to achieve the required project outcomes

  • Identification of key contractual deliverables and obligations and preparation of high level contract summaries
  • Development of tracking tools to ensure compliance with contractual requirements
  • Alignment of internal processes to ensure compliance with key contractual obligations
  • Training of staff members to understand contractual requirements

Contract Management